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SS7: Towards better telecommunication systems

The Signaling System #7 (SS7) technology has helped FPT IS develop more specialized products for mobile networks based on controlling signal channels and core elements of networks.

The SS7 has common channels that are standardized and specially designed for digital telecommunication networks. It is created for mobile and other types of telecommunication networks to be developed in future and provides a reliable device for effectively transmitting accurate information.

FPT IS has made considerable investments in developing products such as a missed call alert system (MCA), voice and welcome SMS for roaming subscribers, and a USSD gateway.

The SS7 is currently very expensive so FPT IS is working to research and develop a more accessible version to benefit its customers. FPT IS’s prominent presence in mobile networks will also allow it to create new telecommunication products to replace foreign ones and fill the gap related to those that are currently unavailable.

Based on its experience implementing BSS systems for many large service providers, FPT IS SS7 products and services should meet the current demands of the providers and also integrate online cost calculations and promotions and improve customer service and sales systems.