Transportation Management(TMS)

Transportation Management Systems (TMS)


  • Quotes
  • Automatic File/Reference generation
  • Automatic abw/bl
  • Manifesting
  • Loading Guide
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Automatic Rates Calculation
  • Linking of Warehouse Receipts
  • Conversion to Pickup/Delivery Order or Air/Ocean Export
  • Printing of customer pre-numbered awbs 
  • Picture, Scans and Files Attachments available
  • Proof of Delivery entry.
  • Cargo Status update
  • Destination Agent Cargo events notification
  • Flexible & Customizable Document
  • Barcode feature available
  • Web Tracking option available
  • Setup Origin & Destination Ports Dometic
  • Setup domestic freight service

Reporting Capabilities 

  • Labels, Invoicing, Reports and Forms could be email/fax directly
  • Allows you to generate various reports including File 
  • Analysis, Bill of Lading, Tracking, Security Endorsement, Certificate of Origin, Quotes, PoD, Commissions, etc
Hotline : 0908329566

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