Logistics Solution

secure.jpg  Asset Management System (AMS)

  •    Assets hierarchy management
  •    Provice a full range of features of the asset management business from basic to advanced
  •    Integrated, supported by the advanced management technology ( Barcode, RFID,...)
0025_CMO_IconLB_Supply-Chain_RGB.png     Manufacturing Management System (MMS)
  •    Manufacturing Business planning
  •    Human Resources Planning
  •    Product traceability

TMS.pngTransportation Management System (TMS)

  •    Manage information of vehicles
  •    Optimize the transport capacity
  •    Check the route of transport

icons-02.png   Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  •    Manage and track the detail of goods in warehouse in real time visually
  •    Provide diverse professional features, applied to many different types of warehouse
  •    Integrated, supported by the advanced management technology (barcode, RFID, …)
         BSM Logistics Consulting Services put in place the following based on your requirements:
  •   Dedicated Customer Management Team
  •   Defined escalation processes
  •   Full executive commitment
  •   Exceed customer requirements
  •   Cost reduction initiatives
  •   Alternate Sourcing and Secondary Sources
  •   After-hours support & emergency service with 24 X 7 X 365 coverage
  •   Disaster Recovery support – Proven processes and immediate support
  •   Proactive monitoring and reporting of operational performance
  •   Regular business reviews to manage performance via a balanced scorecard
  •   Optimization Supply chain System.